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Boxes for keeping desks tidy

We sell a range of personalised and branded wooden boxes designed to keep desks tidy.

The boxes are ideal for business offices and all rooms at home, including:

- Sitting rooms
- Home offices
- Kitchens
- Hallways etc.

Here are some examples of our boxes.

Branded wooden pen and pencil pots

...with gifts

Branded wooden business card holder 


Branded memo note holder with plain white memo notes


Wooden holder for keys,coins and memory sticks

Branded wood in-tray

Branded antique white pencil sets


Branded pencils available for pencil sets

Black and dark blue pen and pencil sets are also available


We can make pen and pencil sets in your brand colour




Our high quality boxes are tailored to different customer groups:

  Corporates   Universities   Schools   Hotels

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