We sell a range of personalised and branded wood keepsake boxes that are perfect for putting "special stuff".

Whether it's storing important papers and certificates, awards, cards, photos, or small badges, pins, pens, pencils, jewellery - these wooden boxes are perfect - and will last a lifetime.  

Our customers who have purchased these lovely keepsake boxes also say they've been very well received as gifts, prizes, and staff retirement/leaving gifts.   

Please take a look. We hope you like them!

Our wooden keepsake boxes can be made in your brand colour

Here are some examples...


You can also personalise the wooden keepsake boxes
with a name, year(s), initials or message

On the inside lid, you can also include an iconic image...

Or add a group/class/team photo...

...you can email your own photo directly to us

The larger keepsake boxes are perfect for...

The A4 Chest fits everything the A4 box fits, plus more!

When students leave they can store their school kit
(e.g. blazers  hoodies, ties, dresses) in the A4 Chest too,
along with their school memorabilia

Smaller keepsake boxes are also available for all sorts of things

The wooden pen/pencil cases are great for storing: pencils, pens,
markers, memory sticks, highlighters, rubbers, etc.





The smaller wooden boxes are perfect for  storing school badges and pins...

...Or storing jewellery, medals, hairbands, to name a few...



...Or add one of our new branded bears for your keepsake box.
We can add your brand on the top or hoodie you select




Our high quality keepsake boxes are tailored to different customer groups:

  Corporates   Universities   Schools   Hotels

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