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Parents say they love the keepsake boxes for their children
because they are beautiful and useful and will last a lifetime.

The larger boxes fit A4-sized school papers, school reports, certificates,
yearbooks, awards, medals, cards, photos and other school memorabilia in one place. 

And when they leave school, some put some of their school kit in the
keepsake box such as their blazer, hoodie, tie, dress and sports kit.

The wooden boxes are specially designed with your school colours and crest
and can be personalised with a student's name, initials, house,
dates or family's name on it.


And when you open the box the iconic image gives a smile factor of being at your school.

When do parents typically buy the boxes?

When they join your school

Some parents want the boxes when they join your school.   
They want somewhere to store future school "stuff"  - papers, artwork, certificates, reports.

When they are already at your school

Sometimes parents give the boxes as a Christmas or birthday present.  
Or they buy a box and start using it so that when their son/daughter leaves the school,
 they have all their special school memorabilia in one place.

When they are leaving school

Some parents want to buy a box when they are leaving the school so that
they can give as a leaving gift to their son/daugher.  

For form teacher or staff retirement/leaving gifts

Some parents pitch in and purchase keepsake boxes for their
Form teacher's end of year gift and personalise with a message from the class.
And some schools purchase a keepsake box when a staff member is retiring or leaving.

Our Special School Keepsake Program - How it works

1) You select the design you want in your school colour.

Design A - with white border and antique white sides

Design B - Block colour with antique white sides 

Design C - Colour border with antique white sides 

Design D - Block colour outside and inside 

2) You set the price that you want to charge for your school box.

We charge you £70 for an A4 Chest and £50 for an A4 box (both prices exclude VAT).  This price includes each box personalised with a name and an image on the inside lid).  So if you want to use this as a fundraiser, add your margin to these prices.    

3) Parents can order online directly from us.  

We provide you a link to an ad or a pdf or JPG with photos of your school boxes to send out to parents.  Parents email us their order. 

4) We also supply you an order sheet to take orders in your school
or at your fairs/school events.  

This works really well.  You display a sample A4 and A4 Chest and Parents who want a box sign up on the order sheet.  You email us the order sheet.   We email the parents to confirm the order and collect payment (if you haven't already) via bank transfer or credit/debit card over the phone.

Contact us for more details

We also have smaller sizes of school keepsake boxes.

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