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for all occasions





We make beautiful school-branded gifts/awards,
for all kinds of schools, including:

Secondary schools

Primary schools

Nursery schools

See our special keepsake box program
for taking orders at your school


School branded Pen/Pencil sets

To keep your desk tidy




Lovely wooden keepsakes

Unique gifts for all occasions


Each wood box is hand-made with a high quality finish

...and can be made in your school colour

...and in the style you like


You can also personalise the wooden school boxes
with a name, year(s), initials or message


Many schools put an iconic image
of their school on the inside lid 

Or iconic school images all over the box 

Or the school’s art department has each student
create his/her artwork for the inside lid

So each student has his/her own personal keepsake box from school

Or celebrate the art work of GCSE and A level students on a box


The smaller wooden boxes are perfect for storing school badges and pins...

...or storing jewellery, medals, hairbands, to name a few



Or add one of our new branded bears to a school box
to make a really unique gift

We can include your brand on the top or hoodie you select


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  Corporates   Universities   Schools   Hotels

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