We work with you to design your box, and then put the design on top of the box.

We can also include images on the inside lid of boxes, as well as your brand on pens/pencils and other gifts.

Box sizes

We have a wide range of box sizes for our premium wood boxes, bone china and tin boxes. Some of these are shown opposite. See Sizes and Prices for more information.

Designing the box

There are two options:
  • You can send us the specific design you want put on top of the box, for example a brand/logo/image
  • We can help you with the design, and provide advice on selecting the right box/size
Personalising the box

You can personalise each box with people's names, dates or messages. For example, we can deliver personalised boxes for individuals in school classes, or teams in businesses, on the top of each box.

Image on inside lid

One of the unique features of our boxes is that we can include an image on the inside lid of each of the boxes. (This applies to small square boxes and larger).

Examples of images selected by our customers include photos of:

- Individuals or teams
- Buildings
- Artwork
- Drawings
- Logos
- Text and messages

Designing pen/pencil sets

We can brand both the wood pen/pencil cases, and (as an option) the pens/pencils themselves.

Delivery time

We design and make all our boxes in the UK. From the time we have agreed a design for a box, we can typcially deliver the boxes within two weeks.

Order quantities

We do have minimum order quantities. However, one of the advantages of using Boxes You Design is that your can order relatively small numbers (tens rather than hundreds) of personalised and branded boxes.

Branded boxes and gifts:


Inside images:

Branded pens and pencils:

Bone china and tin box gifts:





We sell a range of boxes and gifts to different customer groups:

  Corporates   Universities   Schools   Hotels

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