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50 x School Engraved Blue Pen & Personalised Maple Pen Case ( from £9 per pen&case + VAT)

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Looking for a personalised award gift that is high quality, useful and good value for money?

Our popular dark blue rollerball pen and maple pen case easily fit into a pocket or bag .  Both can be branded with your organisation's name and crest or logo.  

In addition, each maple pen case can be personalised with a name, date or initials on the outside top lower right hand side (2 lines maximum). 

The pens are exquisitely laser-engraved with your crest/logo and organisation's name in fine detail.  

When you place your order, upload your files (in jpg or png or whatever you have) for the pen and pen case or email us later to and we will email you a draft for approval prior to production.

Delivery lead times are typically 2 weeks ( if you need them earlier, please contact us).


50 x Branded and personalised maple pen cases  Dimensions: 17 x 3.5 x 2.2 cm

50 x Branded and laser-engraved dark blue rollerball pen with black ink

Ink refills are available from online shops.

Wholesale prices available for larger quantities.   Contact us for details.