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About Boxes You Design and Emilia Granucci

Boxes You Design works with individuals and organisations to design branded and personalised gifts, including high-quality wood boxes, pens and pencils, pen/pencil cases, and bone china.

People love our gifts because they are beautiful, useful, personal and sustainable. They make a lasting impact on recipients. 

Our wood boxes are decorated in the UK, from sustainable wood, and are available in different sizes, ranging from A4 Chests to small jewellery and trinket boxes. Branding and personalisation is done in-house.

Boxes You Design - For Organisations

We have a wealth of experience in helping organisations design gifts that match their brand values and are personal to their target audience, style and culture.  Our clients include companies, retailers, universities and schools.

One of the advantages with using us is that we offer branded and personalised gifts in lower order quantities with shorter lead times than are usually available from international suppliers.

Boxes You Design - For Individuals

We provide a service for individuals who want to personalise wood boxes.  Our boxes can be personalised with your images and names etc. on the top as well as your images inside.  These boxes have proved to be extremely popular with families and also as special gifts.



We have an on-line shop selling a range of gifts with our own unique designs, under the Emilia Granucci brand.  These gifts also can be personalised.